Martin Finnin is an abstract painter and artist based in Ireland. His work is characterised by a brazen use of colour and bold shapes set against a multi-layered landscape. 

Working on several canvases at once he builds paintings by adding and removing layers until the pieces resolve, a process that may take anything from several months to several years. Influenced by extensive travels including residencies in the US and Europe he is interested in the abstract essence of our visible environment which percolates through to his work by continuous drawing, contemplation and taking photographs. 

His work has been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows and is held in collections across the world. He is represented by the John Martin Gallery London which has recently published a book about his work to date.


I am an artist because I can’t do anything else. I am happy to be working with paint. If someone took the paints away I would draw. If I couldn’t draw I would end up playing around with a few chairs, rearranging them or breaking them up. If that wasn’t an option I might take a whizz on copper sheets just to watch them turn green. I paint to make sense of the world. It’s a way to get rid of all the information, all the stuff I pick up every day. It’s not cerebral. It’s just functional the same way it is functional to sneeze.