I am a Sender

I am stopping in Germany for a few days on my way north. I have been to Munich a good few times and I always try to see some art when I am here. There are so many amazing exhibition spaces to choose from, the Museum Brandhorst being my favourite. Lots of Cy Twombly enveloped in stunning architecture.


I couldn't believe my luck when I realised that there was a Joseph Bueys exhibition on in the Pinakothek der Moderne. "I am a Sender. Multiples by Joseph Beuys”. I am a bit of a Beuys buff. Nothing compares to seeing things in the flesh and there was so much in this show I had never seen.

A well laid out series of images and objects deepened my understanding of a few of the events that were triggered by Beuys. As I am digesting the show I am surprised how it helped me to reexamine my concept of editions, their merit and their purpose.



The one treasure though was definitely this photo. Beuys watching Star Trek. Two heroes in the same room...